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Variety Nodepack | Blender / Cycles

A pack of Nodegroups for Blender & Cycles. This pack contains 40+ Nodegroups with multiple purposes. 

Some Nodes require Blender 2.79 (or the release candidate)

Tutorial Series:

#1 Texture Node Groups

#2 Materials

The next episodes will follow In the next days.

Some of the currently included Node-Groups:

1. Textures: Easy to use Nodegroups for procedural texturing

- Dual Noise (Noise distorted by another noise layer)

- easier Musgrave Texture

- powerful Noise, Wave, and Voronoi textures

2. Materials: Various materials including 

- Glass with dispersion and fake caustics

- Metal Shader

- fast Subsurface Scattering Setup

- Cloth

- Procedural Wood

- procedural Cloud Shaders

- procedural Fire Shader

- Area Light Group with Softbox

3. Utility Nodes:

- Vector Distortion

- Vector Blur (for blurring textures)

- Light Gradient (Colored Gradient based on the distance of the light source)

4. Random Tools:

- Random Object Value with Seed

- Random Color Variation

- Multitexture Node

5. Color Tools:

- glow color to make things glow (magic!)

- Remap Node

- Terrain Mask for easy texturing of large terrains

6. Passthrough Nodes:

- Rust Overlay

- Wireframe

+ Shadow Catcher for compositing

More Infos and preview Images here:



- Removed HDRI (for smaller file size)

- fixed cloud box offset

- added file with example Materials


- Fixed Color Variation Hue and added Seed

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Variety Nodepack | Blender / Cycles

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